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Latrobe baw baw mayors outline agendas for city council meeting.
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Public service union defends pay system

Foltyner Group founder George Lucas, pictured before his 2012 death at age 77, did not have enough money to cover his own expenses.

He did pay a $6,000 monthly advance to his business partner, who in turn borrowed the rest of his money, he told the Toronto Star. The $7,000 advance was repaid last November, Lucas told the newspaper. (Paul Chiasson/Canadian Press)

Lucas said his business partner has an office suite at a condo complex on York Street — one that had not been occupied for years — and they shared living quarters as their business expanded. A year ago, the pair began paying utilities, Lucas said.

But the advance they got last November also required them to move away from the three-storey duplex at 38 Bloor St. and eastbound traffic at Bloor and Finch Street for a period of months, Lucas said. They could not afford the rent, which they now claim is closer to $1,700.

Foltyner's "pay by the time" approach is a far cry from the way companies are currently paid. A 2013 Financial Post story documented the way companies have gone on public transit when transit services are down, citing a former employee who worked as a general manager for a TTC bus company.

For instance, the transit company, which is owned by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), has paid its employees, including buses, for using public transit on major holiday days because it can't afford the costs associated with hiring an extra bus.

The TTC also uses money from fares it collects — in this case, for all drivers' salaries — for payroll on buses, said a TTC spokesperson, who couldn't confirm the exact number of hourly employees the company was paying.

"We pay the TTC's drivers an hourly rate for working overtime hours, for working on holiday, which we can't justify to a consumer," she told the Star. "Therefore, the transit employees' wages have to go into a separate account and we can't get money into the TTC's payroll without it going through a third party."

In some cases, the amount can be significant, including a 2014 CBC story reporting that $15,000 was paid to a former TTC bus driver who worked on Monday evenings and Friday nights, and could not justify the extra costs.

If the transit company is overpaid and there isn't a way to find out, the amount is a big source of stress for TTC workers, said a former TTC employee, adding that he would work "as much overtime and take home less money at a time when we have to raise our incomes."

TTC sources said the TTC is in the midst o
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Tink no confidence".

But what's fascinating about his statement is that it shows the underlying logic of the question he asks at the outset. He's not attacking the EU in his article, as some have. He's attacking its institutions – that is, its institutions (however he terms them) and those who enforce them.

It also shows that he and other Brexiters are not interested in fighting the good fight. In his mind, fighting the right battles is part of the job of the Brexiters. If the EU is going to survive, it must be fought by the EU (or perhaps more correctly, by those of us with power to change it) and not by the British and European people. If the EU needs to fight and win at this point, it will have succeeded – at least if it has a leader who can keep up the fight despite the ongoing chaos on the ground.

So the question is not just whether, at this point, things should be settled, but whether, as the article in the Guardian suggests, they should be settled decisively.

'We have no power'

What's so interesting here is that all of a sudden, as we move past the headline question, the question becomes whether the people of Britain have a right to a referendum.

Of course, there is a very real chance that the British public does not want a vote on Brexit. A strong majority of those who voted to leave the EU did so on the basis that they did not want to do it alone. A large majority of those who voted to remain the EU did so on the basis that they were willing to be part of the single market. The people of France voted against "the Paris agreement", so why do we think we should be asked to vote in favour of them having to agree?

All of the reasons for Britain having to leave the EU are valid and well-grounded.

The question is whether, if the people of the UK vote to leave the EU, they have a right to a referendum on the terms of their withdrawal.

In his Guardian article, the Guardian columnist, Owen Jones, also uses the phrase "power vacuum". He seems to be saying that the EU institutions do not have the right to hold a vote on their own. The powers they are given are completely discretionary and up to the member states.

However, since the Guardian article – and its author David Frum – is of the view that the people of Britain and the European people in general – including the French – have the right to vote on what happens to the United Kingdom after we leave, the issue becomes, as the Guardian commentator David Frum pointed out in an interview that appeared on Breitbart on Sunday, "how do we secure i

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Late try ties up crusaders and hurricanes. So why would a company decide to make such a huge bet on the next wave of disaster?

I'm guessing because they're trying to make waves in the fast-changing technology world.

Cocobolo is an app-generated weather app. And it's all in the name of technology—from the cloud-based algorithm to the data that can tell us everything from the temperature of your coffee to the current temperature of the world's oceans. Its creators say that the application allows people to create or change weather forecasts, forecast water levels, predict wind speed, and generate an atmosphere map of their world based on data sourced from millions of sensors from every direction.

The idea behind their app is pretty simple.

For example, if there's a superstorm in San Antonio, it might come from the northeast or even some other landmass that has a lot of hurricane damage potential, like New York City or Boston. By placing a cone over the center of this storm, Cocobolo can send weather information to the cloud.

As of the app's launch this week, its creators say their company has more than 600 million downloads on iOS and Android.

In 2013, they raised $250 million in seed funding from Sequoia Capital. Since then, they've raised more than a billion dollars in venture capital, raising $1.5 billion and the company is currently valued at $1 billion.

Their app, named CloudWatch, was released on the App Store and Google Play earlier this month.

To begin with, it's hard to overstate the popularity of their app. Last August, Apple's App Store had more than 1 million downloads, and the numbers have steadily increased since.

In fact, Cocobolo claims that over 90 million people have already downloaded CloudWatch in the first 100 days, and on the last night of its release date of Sept. 9, Cocobolo had more than 11 million downloads.

Cocobolo's marketing, though, is even better than its app.

If you check out what Cocobolo offers in the app, you'll notice some pretty amazing, but perhaps less spectacular, features:

You can make and update forecasts for each storm, and even create a map of your entire world based on your data.

You can create a virtual "weather balloon"—think of it as a digital "bird"—that you can float for hours.

The cloud is the perfect place to keep track of weather updates, and you can even create personal weather reports that can be updated right to your personal schedule. Cocobolo also has the capability of offering real-time weather forecasts directly into your phone, a feature Cocobolo describes as
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Teenagers jailed for bus stop attack

The 18-year-old and two others involved in the attack - a 17-year-old and an 18-year-old - were cleared of racially or religiously aggravated harassment and sent on bail to appear in court again on March 5, when they are due to be sentenced.

But the judge said he had refused to impose a custodial sentence and sent the boys and their co-accused to prison for at least two years each for having acted in an intimidating manner towards staff.

He said his decision was because the pair of attackers "were clearly capable of offending on a day-to-day basis".

He also said the group of defendants had demonstrated "shrill" behaviour and had caused embarrassment to the school and community, "with the result that there was a sense that the pupils involved were not worthy of attending the schools".

The students, who are students at a private high school in the town of Darnley, have a parent's benefit payment of about €15,000 a year, and had been attending Hibernian school at the same school as the victim, but had been placed on restricted school leave because of their age and the incident.

Judge Peter Bresnan said the incident began at a bus stop close to the school, and involved the victim, the teenager and the 18-year-old wearing hoodies, dark shirts and hoodies over their clothing.

The 17-year-old was wearing white shorts, but the 18-year-old was wearing hoodies, blue jeans, a T-shirt and blue socks. The girl was not wearing a hat.

"I cannot go into too much detail about what the victim did, what the youths did, what they did for fun. That is out of the question. You can read in the newspaper about what happened," Judge Bresnan told the defendants, who, like the 18-year-old, face deportation to their countries of origin if found guilty.

"There was a very significant group of males and youths that came along. There was a significant group that entered Hibernian and began what seemed to be a rather violent demonstration against the pupils and staff.

"The principal is at university - as is the school. She is very concerned. She has a letter from the department of education to the school requesting that the pupils in question be released from custody and that pupils are allowed to go to school. She is saying that the actions of these two defendants have got out of control and that there are serious implications for the student population that are at Hibernian who have had to get on the bus," the judge said.

"The principal is also telling the students, the parents of the pupil

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